January 26th, 2016

“Across the Valley”  by Kirk Tatom,  Oil on Panel,   24″ x 33″

Whether you drive in and out of Park City or all the way from coast to coast on I-80, you see a lot of open land — plains and meadows, mountains and canyons, rivers, streams, forests, sage brush, snowy fields and farmland.  Most is rather ordinary and soon forgotten, except to an artist like Kirk Tatom.

Tatom transforms the everyday elements of a landscape with subtle glazing of sheer color and careful arrangement of nature. Tatom describes his approach this way, “I will take something from one location and graft it onto another place — a mountain moves, a tree disappears, a puddle elongates.”

“Last Color”  by Kirk Tatom,  Oil on Panel,  12″ x 21″

Kirk’ Tatoms paintings are beautifully finished with floating frames, hand-crafted by the artist and his father and often featuring gold or silver leaf treatments. We have a beautiful selection of these pieces in the gallery, so stop by anytime.