November 18th, 2015

We get this question… all… the… time! So much so, that I have decided to re-post this article from two years ago. Many of our collectors and friends of the gallery are downsizing their home and lives (myself included), and have artwork that no longer fits on their walls.

If the artwork is by an artist that we represent, we are often interested in selling the work for our collectors right here at Gallery MAR. But that is a rare fit, and even if a collector is able to find a gallery that wishes to re-sell their piece, the gallery will take a commission on the sale.

What’s a collector to do?

Insert a new website and auction group that we recently discovered: Lofty. We have yet to purchase anything from the site, but if you feel this might be a good fit for your own works, visit the site to explore more.

The piece above is one of many enticing works that we discovered with a quick browse of American Artists. Details on the piece are as follows:

Gail Rodgers (American, 20/21st century), $700

“Art”, silkscreen and acrylic on canvas. Signed by the artist (recto). Height 40 in. x Width 32 in. Condition: Appears to be in good condition. Provenance: From a private collection.

From Lofty:

Lofty is an expert-reviewed, online marketplace for valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles. Each Lofty item is reviewed and valued by Lofty’s carefully selected network of experts, which includes qualified appraisers, current and former auction house specialists, reputable dealers, and other art world professionals with decades of experience evaluating items in their specialties. We believe buying art and antiques should come with complete peace of mind, and stand behind this commitment with a 5-year Authenticity Guarantee and a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee within seven days of delivery. Building sustainable, trusting relationships with clients is Lofty’s top priority.

A few other sites to explore on this topic are as follows..