October 8th, 2015

We have delightful news from James Penfield, one of our youngest artists at the gallery, out of Minnesota. And on a topic which we rarely cover: sports!

The Minnesota Vikings’ organization has started to release information to the public on their art program for the Vikings’ Stadium in Minneapolis, and it includes Penfield. This week, there was an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune naming all 34 artists, including Penfield (whose work was selected out of 1,100 submissions). They have chosen these artists to create artwork for permanent display in the new stadium.

James Penfield will be painting five 3 x 4 foot pieces of football players we (still waiting to hear who I’ll be painting), which will hang in the stadium.

Here is the Minneapolis Star Tribune article – http://www.startribune.com/vikings-commission-u-s-bank-stadium-art-from-34-minnesota-artists/330792101/ and another on the Minnesota Vikings’ official website – http://www.vikings.com/stadium/new-stadium/art.html. Take a look at the video on that webpage and pause at the 37 second mark, and the 52nd second mark, where you will see sketchs of the work Penfield has proposed.

The artwork grouping has been composed by Sports and the Arts, founded in 1995. They connect professional athletes and sports franchises with paintings, photography and limited edition artwork. What a great company with whom to work, and what an interesting niche!

Here are a few of their previous projects:

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