October 28th, 2015

What a wonderful gift to be welcomed into the private studio of one of our most recognizable and collected artists, Jylian Gustlin.

Gustlin’s studio, adjacent to her home, is actually three studios: one for the preparation and creation of her (beautifully made) custom panels, one for the under-painting layers, and one for finishing the work and adding the top 30 to 40 layers.

Her process is extraordinary, complicated, and  inspired. Seeing each process on its own is incredible — many of the works look “finished” my to eyes after the initial layering process, but that is when the bulk of the work for Gustlin begins.

We were able to see many of the paintings that she is preparing for her February 12th show at Gallery MAR, as well as a new series of five commissioned paintings that are being placed at Stanford Hospital at the end of the year.

To view all of the available work by Jylian Gustlin, visit her webpage for our gallery here.

A painting, in mixed media and collage, inspired by ballerina Misty Copeland.

Paintings upon stacks of paintings, in process.

If she can find it in an artist supply store, she will use it: Gustlin has more variety of paints and tools in her collection than any other artist I have seen.

In her room specially reserved for creating her custom panels, a line of tools utilized by her grandfather hangs on a wall as a reminder of her family’s artistic past (and present, as her mother, father, brother, and sister are all accomplished artists in their own right).

Base layers of paint and many other media are painted our, according to Photoshop sketches that Gustlin painstakingly creates on her computer. Enjoy the view now, because these under-paintings will be almost entirely covered up(!!) by Gustlin’s layers of figures and numerical sequences.