September 12th, 2015

I see you, artist.

Young artist with bright eyes and hopes and talent and lots of coffee.  Artists who have been creating your whole life, living another life as you work to support your art. Part time artists. Mothers and fathers painting in your studios after everyone has gone to sleep, sculpting in your [not so] spare time.

Taking your well-deserved vacations in your studio as you prepare for your show. I see you packaging and hauling your artwork from fair to fair, from pop-up to coffee shop, looking for a connection. Carefully crafting your submission letters and artist statements, printing fliers, writing submissions. Preparing your website and photographing your work at great time and expense.

I hear you when you say there aren’t enough outlets for artists, there aren’t enough buyers. Hear, hear.

Please let me tell you: what you are doing is worth it. Creating art, living art, spreading your joy, making things more beautiful with your vision; it is all worth it. I read your submissions. I see your art.  I appreciate it.

I just can’t always sell it.

The truth is, there are lots of ways to be an artist. And many ways to share your art, to sell it. Galleries (Gallery MAR included) are just a very small, finicky, business-y part of the art-world pie.

So please keep creating, sharing your voice — our world is better for it.


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