August 7th, 2015


Our “Close to the Edge” exhibition for Shawna Moore has brought in encaustic enthusiasts from all over our area and has won new fans of the media. Last week we were able to place one of the new works, “Above the Fold,” in a (gorgeous!) home in Salt Lake City.

It’s one of my favorite installations that I have ever had the pleasure of doing and the collector is thrilled with the look and feel of her bedroom now that the Shawna Moore painting is above her fireplace.

Take a look at the photos below to see the perfectly placed piece.

Moore explains: “Evidenced in this new work is my ongoing exploration into simplified landscapes, unique color relationships, and a persistent curiosity about the interplay between light and dark. 

Thematically, these paintings are organized around a lowered horizon line, the edges of the painting surface (side of panel, edge of picture plane, horizontals) and expressing the joy and frustration of exploring this new terrain.  Initially, I thought that each painting would be framed with strong edges or a shift in color around the edge of the picture plane. The prospect of engaging with that edge intrigued me.

Many of these panels are quite large and I wished for a grand spatial quality to the work.  This ultimately required the dissolution of those borders as a way to give the paintings the unbounded space they required.  Approaching this work was very much like taking a journey. The edge of the field of vision or horizon that seemed so distant shifted into something more familiar as I drew near.”