June 8th, 2015

               The Summer Time

                by Sidney Hodges

The summer time, the summer time,

       With all its golden hours;

When wild birds, from the branches sing,

      Through long, long sunny hours;

I court the beaming loveliness,

     That calleth into prime

A thousand radiant sights and sounds,

     Of joyous summer time.

Summer time has finally come to Park City after the wettest May on record. Here at Gallery MAR, we invite you to enjoy the beaming loveliness of these artists:

                     “Swarm V”  by Pamela Murphy   Oil on canvas    37″ x 30″    $4,350

           “Afternoon Dip”    by Mary Scrimgeour   Oil on canvas   40″ x 30″   $4,350


“Fox Hunt”   by Rebecca Kinkead   Mixed Media    64″ x 58″    $14,700

                    “Dad’s BBQ”   by Nathaniel Mather     Mixed Media    30″ x 40″   $2,900