March 7th, 2015

Alan Maguire, The Park Record

Gallery MAR is excited about an upcoming exhibition featuring works by its top-selling artist, Rebecca Kinkead. The show is called Wild Life and is Kinkead’s first solo show at the gallery, located at 436 Main Street in Park City.

“Basing her most recent body of work on memories both personal and borrowed, Rebecca Kinkead considers the relationships, moments of anticipation, and times of triumph that we often share,” according to the gallery. “A strong sense of emotion and weighted meaning are expressed through the generously applied paint that has been built up in a tactile way, dripping and smoothing to create rich surfaces from which her figures emerge.”

She told The Park Record her goal is straightforward

Glades (Powder Day) by Rebecca Kinkead (Courtesy of Gallery MAR)

“I want people to feel good when they look at my work. I love art that makes me feel alive and especially art that makes me laugh,” she said in an email. “I know it may sound really simple, but that’s what I am going for… joy. If people look at my work and feel uplifted in some way, then I feel I have succeeded. I think the pieces in this show are particularly joyful, and, hopefully, some of the best paintings I have done thus far.”

“Our collectors connect with the joyful, simple, and treasured moments that Rebecca Kinkead captures,” said Victoria Kennedy at Gallery MAR. “We love to see our gallery guests astounded by her knife painting technique, and I’m looking forward to having such a large, never-before-seen group of fresh work, all the way from Vermont.

Kinkead […] now lives in Vermont, so her works seem to fit in naturally in Park City.

“A lot of my ski paintings are about those memories,” she said.

Going forward, she is continuing to try new techniques.

“I have been experimenting with different painting implements, including shower and floor squeegees, and mixing small amounts of clay into my paint. I want the energy of the painting strokes to reflect the energy of the piece.

Ball by Rebecca Kinkead. (Courtesy of Gallery MAR)

I want them to work together and feed off of each other to create a visually exciting experience.”

“Wild Life,” an exhibition featuring the artwork of Rebecca Kinkead, is opening on Tuesday, March 10, with an artist reception on Friday, March 20, at Gallery MAR, 436 Main Street in Park City. The reception, from 6 to 9 p.m., will feature “drinks and eats” from Savoury Kitchen.