March 1st, 2015

What do great Art and great Real Estate have in commmon?  In the case of Gallery MAR and The Lange Group — they are family. In Conversation with Maren Mullin, Owner of Gallery MAR on Main St. 
  1.    What do you find inspiring in art at present?

Artists who take risks and work with media in new and interesting ways. Like many collectors, I love to be surprised.

  1. What art trends are taking place currently? What are some of your current favorite artists and why?

I try to avoid trends at Gallery MAR and work with artists whose work and careers will have a lasting legacy. We are seeing a resurgence of encaustic (wax) work across the board, and one of my personal favorites in the gallery is Bridgette Meinhold, who works in this media and is a local artist. Her paintings are serene and evoke a feeling of being lost among the pines in our beautiful backcountry.

  1. What inspired you to open Gallery MAR in Park City?

I always knew that I wanted to run my own business, and the art world is an always-changing, fascinating business. I love working with artists, and seven years ago felt that the time was right to take a risk and go out on my own. We have an incredible group of female business owners and entrepreneurs here in Park City, and I continue to be inspired and encouraged by them.

  1. How has Park City’s art community developed in recent years? Do you see Park City as an artistic community?

Thankfully, we are seeing more and more destination visitors who are coming to Park City to expand their art collections. Indeed, we ship artwork allover the world. Park City is a town full of creative souls, but most of our artists at Gallery MAR are from all over the country.

  1. What’s your background?

I moved here to live with my (now) husband Matt Mullin. I grew up in Seattle and lived in LA prior to moving here and was gratefully exposed to fine art and music in my childhood.

  1. How do you think art improves interiors?

I believe that we should surround our selves with beauty — our decor should bring us joy. Artwork is a way to express yourself and improves our interiors and lives. There is no doubt that a household that has been staged with fine art will sell faster.

  1. Which art trends and artists should homeowners buy into that would have the highest return on investment?

I always say, “buy what you love!” We each have such personal and interesting tastes, and with artwork you should always go with your heart. If you are just starting your collection, look around and visit our beautiful Park City galleries. You will find a plethora of options, at all price points.

  1. What’s your process when you select artists to showcase in your gallery?
I work with artists whose artwork will fit a contemporary mountain home. We are very careful curators and only bring in a few new artists every year. Our variety is great, but each artist is highly credible and high quality.
Rapid Fire Questions:
  1. Park City resident since: December, 2003
  2. Favorite Park City Restaurant: My neighbor, Purple Sage
  3. Favorite thing to do in Park City: You’re asking this mid-winter? Spaaaahhhh!
  4. Biggest source of inspiration: My incredible husband
  5. Your passion: My Family; especially my newly toddling daughter Jane