February 10th, 2015

Often times we feel overwhelmed with the predictable nature of Valentine’s Day. As a holiday that had humble and saintly beginnings in ancient history, it’s ironic that commercialization has swallowed the true nature of giving that defined the celebration of the life of Saint Valentine. While the giving nature of the celebration has subsisted over time, the true spirit of Valentine’s Day remains the giving of our time or a gift that will last.

A beautiful dinner will last two hours; a box of chocolates, several days (or minutes); a bouquet of roses, a week, but a work of art — generations. Perhaps hundreds or thousands of years. The thoughtful and tasteful gift of a piece of art epitomizes the true nature of giving: it is a gift that graces and becomes a part of your everyday life. It is a symbol of love that will stand the test of time as a reminder of shared and cultivated love.

This Valentine’s Day – Express your love with art! Please contact the gallery so that we may assist you with finding the perfect piece for your sweetheart.

Here’s just a sampling of lovely works of art from Gallery MAR: