January 9th, 2015

Here at Gallery MAR, we are getting our lights and cameras ready for the onslaught of Sundance visitors to the gallery. Each year, Park City is packed with film-goers and star-seekers. During this intense week (which begins January 22nd), we bring a new show that matches the energy of this film festival extravaganza: for Amy Ringholz.

The show title is “Resolution,” and we believe that Ms. Ringholz will be asking our guest to think about what we want… dream… desire in the new year! What resolutions will you make?

As we look forward, we should also look back to recognize the accomplishments of this exceptional artist. Ms. Ringholz was the featured artist at the Fall Arts Fest in Jackson Hole, just a few years back. It’s an incredible honor that the Jackson Hole Chamber bestows upon one Jackson Hole-based artist each year. Ringholz was the first female to be chosen in over a decade, and, at 34, was also the youngest artist ever selected. There was not a dry eye in the auction tent when Amy Ringholz gave her Thank You speech mentioning her family and friends, and including each and every one of us who love (and for some of us “live”) her work.

We also have a beautiful video, which shows Ms. Ringholz’s engaging process, on our blog here: https://blog.gallerymar.com/2011/01/amy-ringholz-artist-profile/ that is a treat to view. I hope that you will take a moment to enjoy the clip, as you fasten your seatbelts for all things Sundance!