November 10th, 2014


Our inbox brought us two photos of the studio of bronze artist Fran Nicholson today.  Her sculptures are all about dogs doing what they do best – living in the moment, un-selfconsciously, and at peace being themselves.

These virtues, which come so naturally to dogs, are often life-long goals for their human companions (Gallery MAR staff, included!). Luckily for us, dogs are brilliant teachers.

In the photo above, you can see a few of Fran Nicholson small bronze dog miniatures, in the metal chasing segment of the lost-wax process. And below, a few examples of the artist’s work.

Says the artist, “Both of my dogs are mutts, and my perfect dog doesn’t ever have to fit the perfect breed standard. I’m more concerned with conveying their nature, expression, and heart. The really important qualities!” We agree. Must love dogs.