October 11th, 2014

Let me preface this with: Very few artists are as fortunate as she.

Maura Allen‘s studio is ideal in many respects, with abundant overhead lighting and space for days. She is organized. The location is near a coffee shop and other high-end stores, and a bike ride from her home. Found on a Craigslist ad, she locked it down with a deposit, sight-unseen.


She has just enough space necessary to create her many different processes, including a dark room, all inside a rather stark-looking garage duet. Overall, the aesthetic of the studio matches Allen: put together and orderly (she has to be with her meticulous, multi-layered silkscreen arrangements) but also — FUN!

It was a treat to see her art pieces, several in-process, as well as finished experiments, a multitude of color options, titles and notes written around, and inspiration walls. Learning and seeing Maura Allen‘s process first hand is something I have been looking forward to since we brought in her work, back in 2009.

Now, Maura Allen has graced the cover of Southwest Art Magazine, has won numerous awards at Cowgirl Up and has several museum shows under her belt. A very accomplished artist, and yet, all the while she stays humble, happy, and humorous (Allen tells a wonderful story teller, not only in her artwork but in her voice).

We always look forward to receiving new artwork from Maura Allen, and are proud to be a part of her continued success. Our collectors have loved her work from Day One, and we will keep listening, watching, and collecting as she continues to tell her stories.