September 20th, 2014

One of our artists, Mary Scrimgeour, was recently commissioned to paint a very special piece for a family that has been through seven months of excruciating challenges, as their infant daughter awaited a heart transplant. It is impossible to imagine what this family has been through. I will allow the artist, in her own words, to tell you more…

One of the highlights of my art career has been to be a part of the collection of art at Children’s Hospital in Denver. They currently have 24 of my paintings hanging. Recently I was contacted by the grandfather of Juniper, a seven month old baby who has been waiting for a new heart for six months and has been at the hospital for that whole time.


Her grandfather commissioned me to paint a portrait of Cata, their beloved dog, thinking it might cheer them along. So I did. And then Joni, Juniper’s mother, contacted me and shared with me that my art at the hospital played a big part in their everyday life.


On their small walks up and down the corridors they would see my paintings and talk about the them and that my images made them feel happy and uplifted. I am so grateful that I have been given this gift so that I can, in return, gift it back. Today [9/17/14] Juniper received her new heart!! And here is the painting of Cata who sadly passed away during the process of painting her…but now they have the painting that I did which bought joy to them and it was all brought about by a loving grandfather!!! You can follow Junipers story here.