July 22nd, 2014

By Jennifer Hughston, Sales Manager

“There’s nothing like the discovery, the chase and the capture,” said Raymond D. Nasher, a well known sculpture collector from Texas.

Buying art provides a rush, an adventure, a feeling of “being alive” and a chance to express individuality. As a fine art consultant at Gallery MAR, I see this daily: the collector who is so excited about the new work or the discovery of a fabulous new artist that they have not encountered before. It is a beautiful experience!

I have been reading a new book about the wonder of the chase, of acquiring artwork, and it gives me a new-found appreciation for the art buying process. Collectors each have their own story and their own perspective. I am fortunate to be there, each time a gallery guest connects with a painting or a sculpture, or even a new process such as encaustic.

Discovery – Sharing my passion and knowledge for the art, the technique and/or the artist is one of the best things about being in the art business…

Chase – The getting to know the client – we are so lucky to experience so many people from so many different areas of the country, and of the world!

Capture – The bargaining. The sense of excitement I feel when the collector decides to make a piece of art their own.

Take a look at the book yourself, here.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Collecting Art for Love, Money and More

Arranged into ten topics that are approached through a key question and answer format, art advisors Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner offer an accessible yet unrivalled insider’s view into the often opaque world of collecting art, drawing from their extensive experience in working with collectors and institutions of contemporary art. 

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More looks at why collecting art is a completely unique experience that offers emotional, intellectual and social rewards. The authors argue that the motivations for acquiring a work of art and building a collection, unlike buying anything else, may be any combination of investment potential, aesthetics, love of art, challenge, intellectual exploration, social status, adrenaline rush, ego-building or public attention.