June 4th, 2014

National Pollination Week Opportunity Drawing, Featuring Carol Alleman

PARK CITY— Gallery MAR and artist Carol Alleman celebrate National Pollination Week with an Opportunity Drawing to win a Nature’s Bounty bronze sculpture.

In celebration of National Pollination Week (June16-22) Gallery MAR sculptor Carol Alleman is donating a sculptural bronze vessel entitled Nature’s Bounty .  A lucky participant who makes a recommended donation of $20 to either The Pollinator Partnership (www.pollinator.org) or Park City’s Swaner Eco Center (www.swanerecocenter.org be entered into the Opportunity Drawing to take home the honeybee and white clover vessel.

The world’s honeybee population has been in an alarming decline for the past decade; and continues to decline today. In the mid 2000’s a virus threatened the vibrancy of the life of the honeybee; and today Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) presents the greatest challenge yet with its unique set of lethal symptoms. The honeybee pollinates about one third of the food we eat daily– including fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Without these foods, our dietary intake would need to change dramatically leaving grave deficiencies.  Beetles, other native bees, butterflies and moths also play an important pollination role and their numbers have declined as well.

While all of Carol Alleman’s work celebrates nature and its inspiring voice of wisdom, Nature’s Bounty was created by Ms. Alleman solely to celebrate the honeybee (and other pollinators) while hoping to bring awareness, education, and action to save our gravely diminishing populations of them. One tiny honeybee is sculpted into a field of white clover on the four inch tall bronze sculpture. The textured base of the vessel was sculpted using honeybee comb from a hive of bees still being tended today by the artist’s brother on the small farm in PA where she was born and raised. Her brother has continued the long history, begun by her paternal grandfather, of tending several hives of bees and extracting the rich, sweet honey.

Thirty-six states have declared their own state Pollination Week and endorsed events toward its support and success. Utah is not one of them quite yet.  So along with planting your pollinator-friendly garden, visit Gallery MAR during the month of June and make a donation to Swaner Eco Center – or The Pollinator Partnership – in support of the health of our pollinators. Your donation will not only support the educational efforts toward saving our pollinators, it will also earn you the opportunity to receive a beautiful reminder of our beloved pollinators; and add a lovely bronze vessel to your art collection as well.

Who:                Carol Alleman with Gallery MAR

What:               “Pollination Week” celebration and Opportunity Drawing

When:              The month of June, 2014

Where:             436 Main Street, Park City, Utah

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