April 6th, 2014

Excerpted article, courtesy of The Park Record; photos courtesy of Jennifer Hughston.

Yes, the Olympics concluded a month and a half ago. But, when you consider that many of the athletes had media tours, World Cup seasons to finish, video shoots to do in Austria, trips to Bosnia, a visit with President Obama at the White House and various other post-Olympic activities to attend, getting all the hometown Olympians in one place on the same day is a small miracle.

That day [was] Saturday, when 18 Olympians and two Paralympians [were] in Park City for a celebration parade. Beginning on upper Main Street at 1 p.m., the day’s festivities [ran] until 5 p.m., concluding at the Town Lift Plaza on lower Main.

Hosted by the Youth Sports Alliance, the event featured a parade, fireworks, a speech from Park City mayor Jack Thomas, autographs and children’s activities.

Gold medalists Ted Ligety, Joss Christensen and Sage Kotsenburg headlined the parade. Double bronze medalist Steven Holcomb also [attended], along with many other hometown Olympians and Paralympians. Stein Eriksen, a 1952 Olympic gold medalist, served as the parade’s grand marshal.

Athletes in Attendence


  • Ted Ligety
  • Joss Christensen
  • Sage Kotsenburg
  • Steven Holcomb
  • Sarah Hendrickson
  • Lindsey Van
  • Jessica Jerome
  • Anders Johnson
  • Megan McJames
  • Brad Wilson
  • Brita Sigourney
  • Chris Fogt
  • Preston Griffall
  • Kate Hansen
  • Billy Demong
  • Taylor Fletcher
  • Julia Krass
  • Maria Lamb


  • Erik Bayindirli
  • Megan Harmon