September 5th, 2013

One of our favorite magazines that highlights the west is Western Art and Architecture Magazine. They have highlighted several of our top artists, including Amy Ringholz, Matt Flint, and Shawna Moore.

This summer’s edition features a stunning home “Hayley’s Hideaway” in Montana, and several encaustic paintings by Shawna Moore are displayed within the beautiful home.



Some highlights from the article…

“Montana Modern is different than traditional contemporary,” explains David Koel, the architect of Haley’s Hideaway and Associate Principal of CTA Architects Engineers. “For me it involves creating a big contrast — angles that reflect our mountainous region and large pieces of glass, steel and timber that are rough and raw, like the environment.” 
We enter the house through a long, gallery-style corridor. What you see on the walls is artwork created by local artists, including Marshall Noice, Shawna Moore and Madeline Boyle. What you don’t see are baseboards, molding or trim. Instead the walls float over a polished concrete floor, a remarkable architectural feat achieved by the home’s builder, Denman Construction, Inc.
Whomever Hayley is, we need to applaud her for a beautiful architectural, and artful, home.