June 4th, 2013

A Special Invitation to Join Us in Celebration of National Pollinators Week

Celestial Joy

edition of 36
20.5″ h x 14″ w
cast bronze vessel

$ 14,900. Nature’s Bounty

Unlimited Edition
16″ h x 9.5″ w
cast bronze vessel

$ 795. Twilight Stars

edition of 29
16″ h x 9.5″ w
cast bronze vessel

$ 7,400. Sacred Marriage

edition of 42
2″ h x 9.5″ w
cast bronze vessel


Six years ago the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. Pollinator Week has now grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles. The growing concern for pollinators is a sign of progress, but it is vital that we continue to maximize our collective effort. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture signs the proclamation every year.

This year, in recognition of National Pollinator Week, Gallery MAR is offering complimentary packing, shipping and handling on all sales of Twilight Stars, Celestial Joy, Nature’s Bounty, and Sacred Marriage – throughout the month of June. In addition, Alleman Studios will be making a 5% donation to one of the many organizations supporting educational, research, and other forms of assistance regarding protection of our vital and beloved pollinators. And, as always, any sale of Nature’s Bounty will result in a 10% donation to one of these organizations. Nature’s Bounty was created specifically for the intent of supporting educational efforts surrounding the challenging plight of our honeybee populations worldwide.

Please note that certain pieces have limited availability before the edition sells out. This invitation is limited to pieces currently available. Some pieces may be available immediately and for others delivery may require up to twelve weeks.

We hope you will join us not only in this week of special attention and recognition, but also in a renewed personal effort to do your part in protecting these beloved creatures that allow us the privilege and joy of appreciating an abundance of an enormously wide variety of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. Join us in this wonderful celebration of the gift of pollination – the gift of life.