March 2nd, 2013

This March, we have two exciting events to celebrate our local artist Bridgette Meinhold. Join Gallery MAR as we host our artist Bridgette Meinhold for a book signing, for her new book Urgent Architecture, on March 12th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  Light refreshments will be served and books will be available through Dolly’s Book Store, also on Main Street. You can pre-order the book from Amazon as well.

And two weeks later, on March 29th, we will open a new show for the accomplished artist. “Atmospheric Intentions” will showcase new works by this encaustic artist, as well as our other encaustic artist Shawna Moore.

The encaustic paintings of Bridgette Meinhold and Shawna Moore are a product of place. Both artists live, love, and work at high altitude, amongst the trees, on mountain tops. The ability of encaustic (wax) paint to reveal and obscure creates mysterious surfaces and depth-filled fields of line and color. A well-collected and established artist, Shawna Moore is inspired by the landscape of Montana. Layering her wax-based paintings on panel, the result is warm and inviting, as if one may reach into the painting to discover their own personal meaning. Bridgette Meinhold is an emerging encaustic painter working out of reclaimed shipping container art studio here in Park City, Utah. She creates atmospheric, mysterious landscapes inspired by her surroundings. Both artists will be in attendance at their opening reception, with coincides with the Park City Gallery Stroll.

Who: Shawna Moore and Bridgette Meinhold with Gallery MAR

What: “Atmospheric Intentions” exhibition

When: Friday, March 29th, from 6 to 9 pm

Where: 436 Main Street, Park City, Utah

More information Urgent Architecture by Bridgette Meinhold:

Disaster-proof, environmentally friendly housing solutions for a changing climate.

How can we adequately provide housing when disaster strikes, whether that disaster is weather related, like hurricanes, floods, and droughts, happens in a matter of minutes from an earthquake or tsunami, through a slow process like rising sea levels, or is the result of civil disorder or poverty? There is an urgent need for safe, sustainable housing designs that are cheap to build, environmentally friendly, and hardy enough to withstand severe environmental conditions. Not only is there climate change to contend with, but there are millions of people, right now, who do not have safe or adequate housing.

In Urgent Architecture Bridgette Meinhold showcases 40 successful emergency and long-term housing projects—from repurposed shipping containers to sandbag homes. She surveys successful structures as well as highlighting promising projects that are still being developed. Every one is quickly deployable, affordable, and sustainable. This book is an essential resource for those who are interested in green building, sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, affordable housing, material reuse, and humanitarian relief.