December 15th, 2012

Last night we were fortunate to have both Warren Neary and George Bodine in the gallery for their “Here and Abroad II” exhibition reception. Family, friends, and collectors all joined us to celebrate these two talented artists whose works take us from Utah and Colorado, to Italy and France. This is the largest body of work that we have ever received from both artists; and, although we have had may sales, there are some prime pieces available for our lucky gallery friends. Please call the gallery if you would like to see larger images of the work. Better yet, stop by the gallery this week to see the pieces in person.

These two lovely fellows (above) purchased a new painting by George Bodine of a gentleman walking his dog in Venice. The 12″ x 9″ painting reveals the darker side of Venice– dank, dark, alleyways filled with shadows and mysterious characters. The collectors now have four of Bodine’s paintings in their collection. From the artist himself, “My subjects are many; Italy, France, Europe, Ireland, water, an old man walking home,  a beautiful woman’s heels clicking on old stones, smoke rising against the sky in evening.  I have painted and sold an uncountable number of paintings, yet I remember almost all of them.  I find that strange and I can not explain it.  Sometimes I see them so clearly– where I was standing, the feel of the sun, the cold.  I remember the brushstrokes. They feel like memories.  And I miss many of them.  Some of them were masterpieces that I don’t know how I did, or how to ever do again.”

George Bodine travels all over the world, flying for Delta, which enables him access to the enumerable European city-scapes and rural vistas. I have had the pleasure of working with Bodine for over 7 years now, and his works continue to capture the hearts of collectors.

The paintings above are by Illinois-based Warren Neary, an artist we added to the gallery while he was living in nearby Colorado. A career Air-force employee, Neary has been sent all over the world to manage public relations and work as a historian for the Air-force. Although he’s been far abroad, it is the landscapes of the Rocky Mountains that truly inspire this humble, yet incredibly talented, artist. Many of Neary’s nine brothers and sisters were in attendance for his show, and he was able to meet several of his new in-laws and their newborn children. We are so pleased to be able to share this new, beautiful body of work and to have a celebration for this artist, a coming-home for Neary.