September 19th, 2012

At Gallery MAR, we look forward to celebrating our artists in many ways– art receptions, books, studio visits, and of course sales. Each is a victory for an artist, as he or she hopes to express their vision through a variety of means. We all want to be recognized and appreciated for our life’s work, but most artists don’t often receive the deserved recognition for their beautiful creations. Our artist Amy Ringholz is an exception, because she lives her dreams, and exudes her passions.

I just returned from celebrating Ms. Ringholz at the Fall Arts Fest in Jackson Hole, for which she was the featured artist. It’s an incredible honor that the Jackson Hole Chamber bestows upon one Jackson Hole-based artist each year. Ringholz is the first female to be chosen in over a decade, and, at 34, is also the youngest artist ever selected. There was not a dry eye in the auction tent when Amy Ringholz gave her Thank You speech mentioning her family and friends, and including each and every one of us who love (and for some of us “live”) her work.

Amy Ringholz just completed a book, titled after her featured painting for Fall Arts “Dreamers Don’t Sleep.” Looking through the book, I am reminded of how fortunate I am, as a gallery owner, and how lucky YOU are, as a viewer and collector, to have a person like Amy Ringholz in our lives. Her artwork speaks for itself, and our gallery guests connect with each and every piece– but under the beauty of the paintings is the internal beauty of the painter.

Her brother, musician Brian Douglas Day, said at her closing night “Something Wild This Way Comes” party, “Amy is a beautiful painter. But as good of a painter she is, she is an even better person.” As my husband and I enjoyed the revelry of the event, helped to donate to her favorite causes, watched a three-ring circus act for which she corralled more than 50 people to participate in, we had to agree. It’s an honor to work with Amy Ringholz.

Dreamers Don’t Sleep, They Can’t, by Amy Ringholz

if a dream lives inside you, it doesn’t just mingle with your heart.

in the morning, it wakes you, you smile.

when you look in the mirror, you see more than yourself.

you see strength, confidence, you see greatness ahead.

when the sun sets and hearts quiet,

the dream lights a fire within,

that burns with such warmth,

others long to be close.