February 16th, 2012

Inspiration, by Oakley Allred, Fine Art Consultant to Gallery MAR.

As Winter plods along and the excitement of the New Year wears away, I seek inspiration and fresh perspectives in my daily routine. Fortunately, Gallery MAR provides an outstanding source for both. Take for example the work of Bridgette Meinhold, an emerging artist who makes her home here in Park City. Not only is Ms. Meinhold’s work thought-provoking, the journey to discover her creative calling is an inspiring feat of self-exploration and determination.

After completing two science degrees and working towards a career in engineering, Ms. Meinhold instead changed course and allowed herself to become a full-time artist. Nestled in her studio, accessible only by snowmobile on the outskirts of town, she creates her signature, dream-like encaustic paintings. Consisting exclusively of natural and/or reclaimed materials, Meinhold’s work illustrates the delicacy of her surrounding environment. Inspired by nature and the continual act of learning, the artist admits, “I grow stronger from trying, more experienced from mistakes, and more joyful with each new piece I create… Each day, whether working in my studio, hiking in the woods or writing, my goal is to have fun.” Meinhold plans to visit her mentor, artist Shawna Moore (also represented by Gallery MAR), this spring to further explore her creative catalyst. I predict she will return with a wealth of new insights and techniques.

Visit us at Gallery MAR’s new location, 436 Main Street, to view Bridgette Meinhold’s latest creations. And let us know what inspires you!