February 19th, 2012

The collector pictured above has been following the work of Matt Flint for several years; finally, after a long wait, she was able to meet the artist in the gallery on the very same day that he delivered 19 new paintings for his “Up Close and Far Away” exhibition (opening this Friday the 24th).

There is nothing quite like meeting the artist whose work you have been admiring, and learning more about the paintings you have acquired. The artist’s voice and enthusiasm, as well as their insights into their own process, give you a connection to the work like never before. That’s why we at Gallery MAR bring you Winter and Summertime artist receptions, with as many opportunities as possible for our collectors.

Especially for an artist like Mr. Flint, where the work is intensely personal, hearing the creator of the artwork describe the painting gives you a new appreciation for the time, effort, and inspiration behind the piece.

If you are available to, please stop by the gallery this Friday for the artist reception from 6 to 8 pm. And make your own connection.