January 7th, 2012

New Location at 436 Main Street, February 2012

New location to offer more space, more artists

After three years, Main Street’s Gallery MAR is on the move, but not too far from home. Gallery owner Maren Mullin will be heading up the street about one block, from her current location inside the Galleria Mall to a street-level space at 436 between Flanagan’s Irish Pub and Purple Sage.

The move came after Mullin decided her gallery needed one major upgrade: space.

“I need more room. The gallery is just not big enough, and I’ve always wanted a big, beautiful space on the street.”

She got her wish.

Mullin said the new location will be double the square footage she works in now. Ceiling height would go from 10 feet to 20 feet.

“I think there are a lot of folks who come to Park City who may miss my gallery because it’s in this space,” she said. “I don’t think there will be any chance of that with the new location.”

Since August Mullin was making calls trying to figure out how to get into 436 Main Street. December, she’d signed the lease.

And because she likes a challenge, Mullin will be moving into the new space on the first day of the Sundance Film Festival with an anticipated opening date of Feb 1st.

“Obviously it would be easier to move in during the fall, but timing is not my forte,” she joked.

For now, Mullin is putting her plans in motion to set up the new location. Flooring and storage systems and added artists and lighting are top points she quickly rattles off as the work ahead of her.

“Let’s see. My plan is to fly to California, pick up furniture and fixtures, drive back, pick up all the artwork, hang it, light it and open by February,” Mullin said.

Gallery MAR will not only feature more artists to appeal to a wider audience of customers but will also allow for larger pieces and more of them, a fact she hopes may draw in new collectors.

“It really is a dream location for me,” she said. “It’s a great step up.”

Gallery MAR will be available for rent over Sundance and Mullin is currently searching for someone to take over her lease when she opens the new location.

For more information about Gallery MAR call (435) 649-3001 or visit blog.gallerymar.com.

HPCA Elects New President: Maren Mullin

Former president resigns to take up position with city council

When asked if she was the youngest president in Historic Park City Alliance history, an organization dedicated to promoting Main Street interests, Maren Mullin smiled.

“Yes, without a doubt,” the 29-year-old said with a laugh.

The young and bubbly blonde may not look like a president representing more than 200 businesses at first glance, but she can offer a strong case for why she was elected by the board.

“What I think is important about representing the HPCA is doing what’s in the best interests of the merchants,” Mullin said. “That is my passion and that’s my goal for my term.”

“We all have very different interests,” she added. “We’re all from different sides of the country, different edges of the street, and so the goal is to make the best compromises and have the best interests of the street in my mind.”

As December came to a close and Andy Beerman stepped down as president to accept a chair on the Park City Council, Mullin, who was the vice president, was asked to pick up the reins.

Mullin joined the organization more than three years ago when she first opened her Main Street business, Gallery MAR, at age 26. Soon after, she started snatching up leadership positions with the board. Then she also helped to establish a new young professionals group.

“Sometimes I think I’m trying to scare myself,” Mullin said. “But really, I have great support. I really try to take advantage of opportunities around me.”

Her new responsibilities include helping the HPCA Board by providing feedback and direction. With a few pressing agenda items already on the docket, Mullin said the work is about to start. Mullin said she hopes to add a few large scale improvements to Main Street with the support of city funding, hammer out business licensing issues and figure out new ways to market and promote the area.

“Our past president has led us in an incredible direction,” Mullin said, “and I really want to implement and follow through with a lot of actions he began.”

“We’ve been a group for a long time but Andy really had the time and the energy to make things happen,” she added. “Communication is so much better.”

Now that Beerman is moving on to City Council, Mullin said it would be up to her to keep that legacy going. With Beerman sitting on the HPCA board and serving in City Council, Mullin said she was glad to have to nearby support. Though Beerman has a history with HPCA, Mullin said she didn’t feel there is a conflict of interest slanted toward Main Street. Mullin said she saw Beerman’s relationship as a route to a more open dialogue with the city.

“I am so thankful to the Park City community for their support for me and my gallery,” Mullin said. “It’s a tight-knit group and I’ve felt supported from day one.”

For more information on HPCA visit www.historicparkcity.com or call 435-658-9612.