November 18th, 2011

Kirk Tatom, “In for the Night,” Oil on Board

I’m always looking for new and interesting resource from which to gleam art collecting advice. And you never know when you’ll discover the next great artist. So I read through several art blogs and magazines each week in the pursuit of inspiration.

Below, you’ll find a few of my favorite blog resources for visual art new and information…

Art Info:

Jonathon Jones on Art: Highly opinionated, dry British humor.

The Art Newspaper: Well organized and on trend.

Arts Journal Daily News: No nonsense articles, categorized by each artistic discipline.

The Huffington Post Art News: Your source for more dishy arts news.

You Are the River: A clean, modernist design blog; reading this feels like meditating.

What are some of your favorite art blogs or other sources of inspiration? I’d love to hear from you!