August 27th, 2011

Local Artist Joe Norman & Flying Heart Motorcycles

Check out the Bikes and our photos of today's Harley Ride, below. 
For more information on the bikes, please 
contact Joe Norman through his website, Blue Boat.
You can see more of Joe Norman's custom work, 
including tables and pedestals, here at Gallery MAR.

1974 Honda CT90 Trail 90 ‘Greyboy’ $3100

engine:  105cc air-cooled single cylinder

weight:  200 lbs, power:  8 hp

fuel:    80 mi/gal, capacity 1.5 gal

speed:   50 mph


1971 Honda CT90 Trail 90 ‘Green Man’ $3100

engine:  89cc air-cooled single cylinder

weight:  200 lbs, power:   7 hp

fuel:    90 mi/gal, capacity 1.6 gal

speed:   45 mph


1970 Honda CL175 ‘The Vicar’ $5400

engine:  174cc air-cooled dual cylinder

weight:  290 lbs, power: 19 hp

fuel:    60 mi/gal, capacity 2.3 gal

speed:   80 mph