June 24th, 2011

If you visit the 2011 Utah Arts Festival, you will have the lucky opportunity to see a gorgeous collection of paintings by Aaron Memmott, Gallery MAR artist. The 2011 Utah Arts Festival’s Artist Marketplace features more than 155 local and national artists. Artists’ applications and portfolios are juried to be accepted into the Utah Arts Festival.

From their website: The Utah Arts Festival presents a wide variety of performing, visual, and literary arts, and seeks to present the best Utah artists and their contemporaries worldwide. The Festival presents several core events annually: an Artists Marketplace; a Culinary Arts program; and a Performing Arts program. The Festival augments these core events each year with new and creative programs, artists, performances, and site elements, thereby ensuring each event is an innovative and unique celebration of the arts.

Below, take a look at a few photos from the weekend-long event, as well as an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Aaron Memmot and his work.

Utah Arts Festival: Painting by the Bay, with hearts in Utah
Published on Jun 23, 2011 06:00PM 0 Comments

How does a painter from the Bay Area end up choosing to capture Utah cityscapes on canvas?

“I went to the U.,” said Aaron Memmott, one of the artists selling his works at the Utah Arts Festival. Memmott got his BFA at the University of Utah in 1997.

But there’s another reason: “He met a Utah girl,” said Penelope Moore, who is that girl. Moore, who’s also a painter, grew up in Utah. She and Memmott met in art school in San Francisco. They’ve been together for nearly 10 years.

Memmott’s canvases capture city vistas in both San Francisco and Salt Lake City (including images of the old Utah Theatre on Main Street, and the old Zephyr Club). “They’re both great towns,” he said.

“Our hearts are here,” said Moore, who has displayed work at the Utah Arts Festival in past years but was rejected this year. “Downtown Salt Lake has come so far since I grew up here, with restaurants and the freaking train.”

Memmott and Moore often paint side by side, and sometimes trade oil paintings for vacations. They recently spent six weeks in the south of France, and once got lodging at a Malibu bridal suite for a month. (Besides life and painting, Memmott and Moore share a website, and are both represented by Park City’s Gallery MAR.)