May 14th, 2011

Park City’s Gallery MAR artist Michael Kessler recently sent us this article, describing some of the more powerful effects that his art has had on collectors and appreciators. As always, I recommend that collectors buy what they love– what makes them joyous and connects with their heart. Kessler’s paintings continue to speak in such a way to our audience.

Over the past several years it has become increasingly obvious that my work has a special interest to people involved in healing or recovery. Beauty and inspiration have always been the main ingredients and effects I have been after with my work. Two years ago a man was in the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston recovering from Cancer treatment. During a walk through the gallery district, he encountered my work and promptly purchased several large pieces for his new contemporary home in Madrid. He also commissioned me to produce a large piece for his house. Here is a short video documentation of the production of this particular piece:
Then, last year the very same thing occurred in Boston with a man from Chile who was recovering from cancer. He also purchased a piece and commissioned another large work for his home in Chile. Here is a short video documenting that production.  Most recently then I have received a very large commission from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where my painting is to be installed in the lobby.
Throughout my life I have focused upon the positive and allowed it to manifest within my life and art. Part of my philosophy is that we all very much take part in the creation of our personal realities and by extension we all very much take part in the creation of our cultural realities. Positive energy does in fact shape out beings and can contribute to the healing of our bodies and our minds.