April 15th, 2011

Artwork Spotlight: Gallery Mar

Posted on April 5, 2011 by erica

I went to highschool with Maren — the owner of our featured gallery, Gallery Mar and on a road trip a few years ago with my husband and dog (oh those were the days — we were free to roam without thinking about diaper changes and the next feeding . . .) we stopped in to visit.  We were on our way back from Wyoming and Colorado and stopped off in Park City for the night.  Along with good conversation, delicious sushi and great artwork we were able to catch up with my old friend and her then new fiance (now husband! But, no babies in the works yet . . . I had to ask!)

We have never purchased any “real” artwork but, as Maren points out, finding an up and coming artist might be a way to get good value for a great piece.  As a new baby enters your life maybe there is a piece of art that will be able to capture the feeling of this time.  Artwork should awaken an emotion, capture a moment, inspire a future.

Here’s Maren’s thoughts on purchasing artwork with a newbie entering the family:

When you spend as much of your time in your newborn’s room as most new moms and dads do, why not enjoy your surroundings? A little artistic inspiration will go a long way as you spend your afternoons (and nights, and mornings, and mid-days) feeding and coddling your newborn. Art galleries and their consultants are a great resource for original, fine art—and you’ll be surprised with the values you can find by working with “emerging artist” galleries. Gallery MAR, my art gallery located in Park City, Utah, is a great resource for emerging artists.

I recognize that not all parents want to allocate big bucks for the nursery’s artwork, but when you can rotate paintings throughout your home as time goes on, why not splurge on a beautiful piece of art? Think of it as an investment in your home. Today you can gaze at the painting as your newborn falls asleep, and tomorrow you can enjoy the same piece in your kitchen as you cut orange slices for soccer practice. As time goes on, you can eventually pass the painting down to the next generation of art-lovers—your current bundle of joy.

I’ve been watching and admiring the chalk + dot site, with its modern twist on baby décor, and was asked to submit some ideas for fine art for your most important “family” room of your home. While most would automatically think of “childlike” paintings or themes, I say, “go sophisticated!”

Below, a few ideas to liven up the modern nursery and inspire your youngin’…

“Toucan Skate” by Ginger Bowen, Oil, 24” x 18” $3350

“It’s New” by Fred Calleri, Oil, 17” x 15” $1975

“Resolve” by Matt Flint, Mixed Media, 22” x 30” $2200

“Empty Dog” by Mary Scrimgeour, Mixed Media, 24” x 18” $1600

“Decider” by Shawna Moore, Encaustic, 24” x 24” $3000

Thanks to Maren B. Mullin for her contribution.  Be sure to visit her gallery if you are in Park City.  We look forward to sharing more of her artists in the future.

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