March 28th, 2011

This weekend, Shawna Moore and Matt Flint joined us in the gallery for the reception of their exhibition “Two Waters.”  With all of the excitement that this show has garnered from collectors and new clients, many pieces have been pre-sold; the response to the new works was uplifting to all involved.

Shawna Moore kicked off the weekend with a feature of Park City Television’s Morning Show, where she discussed her new body of work and her unique encaustic process. While many artists work with encaustic (a resurgence has recently hit the contemporary market), Moore’s techniques are exceptional and the combination of a smooth surface quality with distinct depth and layering capture collectors. It’s a rarity to have so many gallery guests inquire about the artworks– Shawna Moore’s paintings ask to be discovered.

Matt Flint drove in from Wyoming to join us for the reception. With so many symbols and icons and characters (both humans and animals) the works begged to be discussed. Each piece has its own meaning and personal connection to Matt Flint, and as his stories unfolded our gallery guests can’t help but feel more connected to the works. I sure do.

It was a joy to see that two of my favorite artists have so much in common. Aside from art talk, we discussed off-piste skiing (and ‘boarding), outdoor exploration and water-sports, goals and dreams for the future, and the importance of family.

The “Two Waters” show will hang for an additional three weeks at Gallery MAR.