March 19th, 2011

A collector’s “wall”: artworks hanging from the spines of books.

In the Park City gallery, I continually hear the phrase: “We have no more room for art!” And what a lovely problem to have!

I myself have a small home (as is the case with most miner’s homes built in the late 1800s) here in Park City and there never seems to be enough room for our artwork collection. Nonetheless, it keeps growing. This weekend, my husband and I were traveling through California and happened upon some sculptures by Karen Shapiro that we couldn’t live without. It’s a bug. I know I have a(n art collecting) problem. We were both giddy as we arranged for shipping and tried to wrack our brains to decipher were they might go. Didn’t matter… we would make them fit!

Michael Kessler’s latest installation from Gallery MAR, in Boston

There is always a creative spot for paintings and sculpture. Sometimes it just takes a little adjustment here and there. Found a little 20″ x 30″ landscape that perfectly captures how you felt on your Tuscan vacation? Move your (already hung) 30″ x 40″ painting down 2 feet and put the smaller work on top of it. Discovered a new and emerging glass artist whose glass vessel is as blue as your wife’s beautiful eyes? Donate a few of your books to the library and your shelves now have more room for sculpture!

A phrase that we always love to hear:  “Oh, we’ll find a place!” The words of a true collector.