December 31st, 2010

Ruminating on the incredible year (nearly) behind us, I want to thank all of our Gallery MAR Blog readers, artists, collectors, and friends. We have an incredible art community here in Park City and Jennifer and I are very thankful to be a part of something to magical.

Art is necessary. Art allows us to truly see ourselves. Art is magical.

And now, a (tongue in cheek) New Year’s Eve Countdown of favorite comments heard (and overheard) in the gallery…

(9) I can’t believe how talented these artists are! I could never do this!

(8) Oh, man, my kid could paint that…

(7) Are you the artist? Did you do all of this stuff?

(6) When is your next big sale?

(5) Can I get on your coupon mailing list?

(4) Here’s my credit card.

(3) I just love the paint-by-numbers piece!

(2) These paintings would be perfect for my home/office/hospital/hollywood-set.

(1) This is my favorite gallery in Park City!