November 10th, 2010

Outdoor installation by Jamie Burnes

Here in Park City, we have a plethora of galleries and the increasingly fantastic Kimball Art Center. We’re lucky to have so much art in these “institutions,” but what about our public art?

The Park City Public Art Advisory Board is about to select a new work for the front of our Marsac (City) building. From the 49 who responded to the R.F.Q., they’ve narrowed it down to three great selections; but, the input from the community has been fairly small.  The Public Art Advisory Board has about $120,000 in their (our) budget with which to work. I’d love to see more input from our locals… which is why I am writing this blog request.

  • What public art do you love here in Park City? What would you like to see “de-accessed?”
  • What public art do you enjoy in your own town and why? What makes a public art piece successful?
  • What would you like to see here, and where? What about functional artwork, such as benches and bike racks, or even artist-designed Old Town stairways?
  • Would you follow a Public Art Tour, that showcased the works around town?

Thanks in advance for your feedback– I’ll be looking forward to hearing from our readers!