November 11th, 2010

Leoni Schmiedel, “Collage,” 25″ x 25″, Mixed Media on Canvas on Panel, 2010 $3475

When Gallery MAR owner Maren Mullin was traveling through Greece she was captivated by the local artwork, especially German-born artist Leoni Schmiedel, whose cliff-side studio Mullin wandered into. Schmiedel’s works have been exhibited across Europe and are now for the first time in the United States. The artworks– collages of Greece– are a composition collage made of the elaboration of surface and colors. The materials she uses such as sand, parchment and pieces collected from nature, hold the secrets of past eras of Greece. Wood (curved by sand and sea), faded-out papers and antique manuscripts, and ledgers are joined together again by changing time and place.

Leoni has commissioned artworks in Dresdner Bank in Germany and has been featured in many European style magazines. She has participated in several exhibitions in Cologne, Nurnberg and Aachen, Germany.

Born: Duisburg, Germany in 1963.

1981-1983 School of Graphic Design, Cologne, Germany

1984-1987 Specialist training, Printing Office, Nurnberg, Germany

1986-1989 Work with the performance group “Ma -Mi”

1987-1992 Work in Advertising in Cologne and Nurnberg

1992-1997 Freelance work with German Television Company

Permanent residence on Santorini, Greece since 1997

Selected Exhibitions

1987 Culturcenter Nurnberg

1988 Art – Messe Nurnberg

1995 Atelier im Sionstal Cologne

1995 Galerie of Objects Cologne

1996 Josef-Haubirch Hof Cologne

1997 Dresdner Bank Frechen

1997 High Tech Center Aachen

2005 Artery Gallery Crieff Scotland