October 6th, 2010

Gallery owner Maren Bargreen has departed for three weeks of (surprise!) honeymooning with her new husband (the trip planner). Clients and friends were clamoring to find out where the couple was headed, and so Maren was asked to write her updates and dispatches from abroad…

We now fine ourselves in Greece. Santorini Island is a dream vacation spot for everyone, but is a beacon for artists. The sunsets and inspiring Caldera are rich with color and light, perfect for any canvas.

On our first day, we met a German artist who lives here for six months out of the year… Rough life, right? She and her boyfriend travel for much of the year and have found a home here on the island. I bought a piece of her work and it will be shipped to Gallery MAR for my collectors to enjoy a piece of Santorini.

The galleries here mostly feature imitations of ancient Greek work, but I did find an incredible emerging artist gallery. I debated packIng up a crate right there and then, to bring back the works to the states. I’m hoping that a few of these artistic connections that I am making here will benefit collectors in Utah as well!

Pictures will come, and I will update these blogs with amazing photos, as soon as we return. Tonight we hike to Oia and will fly to Athens in the morning for the next stop.

More inspiration and artistic travels to come!