October 18th, 2010

Gallery owner Maren Bargreen has departed for three weeks of (surprise!) honeymooning with her new husband (the trip planner). Clients and friends were clamoring to find out where the couple was headed, and so Maren was asked to write her updates and dispatches from abroad…

We find ourselves in Paris for our final stop. Winding the streets, there are “galeris” throughout the city. The subways are papered with advertisements for exhibitions and the new Basquiat collection. It is amazing to see the value that the French place on all things cultural.

Ther are a few locations of an interesting gallery format, throughout Paris. Several artists have paintings in four sizes. Each artist prices their work at the same price for the same size, and so the field is leveled and it democracizes the work.

It also makes the art eay to understand and, of course, easy to buy. It makes sense, especially for a first time art buyer. What a great idea! (And the artwork isn’t half bad either!)

We head back to the states in a few days, but have truly enjoyed this incredible journey. There is never enough time for a city like Paris, but we have tried to narrow down our choices and and still see all of the gems. The memories, and many photos, will allow it to live on!

PS: We also spent a beautiful week in the Maldives, but the local art was hard to come by at our island resort. The photos from this destination will tell the story, later.