October 4th, 2010

Gallery owner Maren Bargreen has departed for three weeks of (surprise!) honeymooning with her new husband (the trip planner). Clients and friends were clamoring to find out where the couple was headed, and so Maren was asked to write her updates and dispatches from abroad…

We headed for the airport at 5 am to our unknown destination and the anticipation was killing me. It had been for months! Where would we go? What would we see? Would there be any good art?

My questions were soon answered when we touched down in Copenhagen! Denmark is where Matt and I met nine years ago, and it is a fantaatic city full of facinating history and contemporary artwork and design.

We sound an entiere afternoon in the design and furniture department of Illum, swooning over the Ghost chairs and mid century pieces. Our hotel was designed by famed architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, and his work is all over the city.

We stopped in a few art galleries and spent a morning at the Statens Museum for Kunst and walked through an exhibition of Bob Dylan’s artwork (thank goodness for his day job) and some halls filled with the works of with Danish Masters.

The (relatively) new opera house is one of the city’s jewels, a design stand out, consisting of fourteen floors and an envious view of Copenhagen.