October 23rd, 2010

George Bodine, “Forgotten Soul”

Look for new works by George Bodine in his December exhibition, “Here and Abroad”

New works by George Bodine and Kirk Tatom—Saturday, December 18th, 2010 6 pm

George Bodine has never had an art lesson, nor attended an art workshop. But if an old Master from the 1800s stepped into Bodine’s studio, he would feel at home amidst the smells and techniques. This self-taught artist has studied pigments, how to make them, their archival qualities, and their history. Bodine’s life has taken him from career to career: an oil field worker, a police officer, an underground miner, a cab driver in Denver, a Navy fighter pilot and TOPGUN instructor, and he currently flies internationally as an airline pilot. It is through this current occupation that Bodine travels to Italy, his main inspiration and painting subject, visiting favored cultural sites and museums. And so it is Sorolla, Zorn, Van Gogh, and Sargent who have become his teachers.