September 5th, 2010

“Seeds of Harmony,” in an edition of 45, is Carol Alleman’s new sculpture in her “Tree of Life” series.

Bronze bowl (easel optional), 3.25″ h x 16″ w, current price $ 4,800

Seeds of Harmony is a broad open bowl presenting nine pomegranates and a golden serpent subtly intertwined among the ripened fruits. Seeds of Harmony speaks of the potency of current times and opportunities for transformation (symbolically the serpent). The six-sided pomegranate represents harmony and abundance – a call to create abundant harmony in our lives.

Seeds of Harmony was inspired by the rich, beautiful and unique pomegranate fruit.  It is published that each fruit holds an average of 600 ruby-red seeds. That’s an incredible amount of potency!  The sheer abundance of this inspiring fruits’ seeds is enough to cause anyone to pause in great wonder and awe.

The subtle serpent weaving among the branches of the pomegranate echoes a message of transformation and of growth.  It speaks of shedding/leaving the old behind and growing into a new ‘skin’ – a very new way of moving in this world.   What is it, I asked, that needs to die in my life to create space for something far more harmonious to be born? I remain hopeful we are collectively moving rapidly toward a place of realizing absolute harmony.

The edition size of 45 was chosen as a derivative of the number nine.  Nine is symbolic of completion.  We are in the healing process of ‘completing’ a huge transformational and profoundly vital change in the manner in which we live, consider and act – individually and collectively.

A complete viewing of Carol Alleman’s bronze works and writings, including Seeds of Harmony, are available for viewing at Enjoy the poem below, an accompaniment to the bronze work.


Ruby-red inside out

pointed, star-shaped crown

marks the place of your

wondrous blooming birth

six sided rounded one

declares intent

for unending harmony

calling us to birth it with you

six hundred ruby seeds

nestled in your skin

six hundred ripe possibilities

something fruitful being born

six hundred hungry opportunities

for new ears and eyes

leading the way

for transformation

and harmony

red – red – red

blood of death

blood of birth

blood of growth

hopeful pomegranate nurtures

the awareness of our inherent abundance

with potent seeds of transformation

Seeds of Harmony

© 2010 Carol Alleman