May 21st, 2010

Lisa Lamoreaux, “Perfect Place to Rest,” Mixed Media, 2010

This spring, Gallery MAR worked with a collector to commission a painting by Lisa Lamoreaux.  Lamoreaux is one of Gallery MAR‘s most popular artists and works in mixed media featuring archival papers, wall papers, acrylic, and oils. Her artwork has an incredible sense of luminosity and dimension and collectors usually can’t stop at one! This Washington state artist was one of the first artists to call Gallery MAR home, and we are honored to continue to exhibit her works.

The new collector was thrilled with the prospect of her commission, and Lamoreaux worked diligently for several weeks to perfect her piece. As is the policy with most commissioned work, the painting shipped directly from the artist to the collector’s office in California. The collector waited… and waited… with no sign of the artwork. We got in touch with our client and realized that between the three chefs, this kitchen had gotten the client’s work address wrong by one number. And what a lucky mistake, too.

As the painting winged its way back to Lamoreaux’s studio in Washington, a fire broke out at the client’s office and demolished the building. We all realized that had the painting gone to the correct address, the piece of art wouldn’t have survived. By way of faith, luck, or love, our collector was truly meant to have this painting. Congratulations to Lamoreaux on such a successful outcome to her work! Let’s hope future commissions with our Park City Gallery are less dramatic.

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