May 26th, 2010

Jennifer Carr, Fine Art Consultant at Gallery MAR, will be contributing to our Park City blog this spring, with her Italian Insights and Adventures. This week’s adventure brought Jennifer through the volcano cloud to Paris, France, where she begins her three month trip. Look for more updates and inspirations from her travels throughout Italy and beyond.

Inter Milan is champion of European soccer for the first time in 45 years! I was enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon at the Duomo (obviously not aware of the game) when they won the Italian League! Within minutes, the entire piazza was filled with people cheering, the sound cars around the city honking their horns, and black and blue flags covering every inch of the place.

Celebrating in Milan

After that, I came better prepared for the European championship this past weekend. The game was projected onto a huge screen at the Duomo and when they won, it was an absolute celebration throughout the entire city. I haven’t seen the following the football league or Inter Milan’s success but being there you couldn’t help getting excited and intoxicated by the pride of the people here in Milan.

The Victorious!

Another plus to being in Milan is that it’s close to the border making day trips to Switzerland a fun and easy adventure.  Next up… hiking in Lugano, Switzerland.