April 25th, 2010

Western Art and Architecture Magazine is featuring Matt Flint in their “Illuminations” section, as an “Artist to Watch.” We agree! We’ve been watching this talented, Wyoming-based artist for some time.  It was perfect timing to showcase a new body of Flint’s work for our “Elements of Abstraction” show at Gallery MAR.

Flint says, about his work,  “My paintings are about the rhythms of the natural world. Ideas of memory, fragility, and interconnectedness traverse the work. The imagery I use consists of glyphs, semi abstracted plants, animals, and figures that inhabit a “landscape” made up of simple geometric patterns. The geometry serves as a loose framework to organize, join, and simultaneously isolate the various subjects in the paintings. Earthy colors, repeated patterns, and marks intermingle with hidden images to form layers of meaning.”

Rich textures, scratched, weathered surfaces, and subtle light qualities come from months of intuitively working and reworking the surfaces. No preliminary sketches are made; every thought is worked out directly on the piece, forming a roadmap of the creative process. The resulting work is an encouragement to slow down and listen to our surroundings.