February 13th, 2010

Gallery MAR is pleased to announce the newest offering from the Carol Alleman Studios, “GARDEN OF PROMISES.”

Garden of Promises, Carol’s first consort of bronze work, is comprised of five, individual crocus vessels (including Promises and Golden Promises, the seeds and inspiration for Garden of Promises). Each season brings its own unique and necessary gifts to our lives, and so it is with the Garden of Promises. The promise of each season being one of potency and perfection.

Each vessel stands 6.25″ high by 4.5″ wide, offering an intricate and unique patina. The vessels may be purchased as a complete set or on an individual basis. There is a notable savings with each subsequent vessel purchase within the Garden of Promises, the greatest being realized when purchasing the complete Garden all at once.

Prices are available by calling the gallery. 435.649.3001

As with all of Carol’s magnificent bronzes, these have their companion poetry, inspiration and research facts which are available upon request. The entire body of work by Carol can be viewed on our website.

These would be a stunning addition to any collection and a unique presentation.

The visual arts and informal writing have been life companions for Carol Alleman. Upon locating to Tucson, Arizona in 1994, she discovered clay while exploring the mysterious desert landscape. Immediately she began digging her own clay and experimenting with slab, coil, and a variety of hand building techniques. Since then she has continued to explore the infinite dimensions of clay, water-based and oil, considering herself largely “self-taught.”

In late 2001, Carol expanded her work into the bronze market choosing her vessel forms as her entry work. Today she continues to develop the bronze cast “Tree of Life” and “Nature Series” of mystical, organic vessels. Both series reflect a visual and narrative imagery of her personal intimacy with the powerful energy, spirit, and symbolism of trees and nature. Companion writings accompany her work.