June 27th, 2009

As we celebrate Gallery MAR‘s one year anniversary, we are in good company! Thank you to the Park Record, Park City Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine for their diligent coverage of our fantastic artists and events. Select the publications below to view our latest press.

Please join us for Gallery MAR’s “Local Fireworks” First Anniversary Exhibition, Friday July 3rd from 6 to 9 p.m. Mark your calendar and plan to join us in Park City to see new artworks by our local artists, including Aaron Memmott, Penelope Moore, Ron Russon, Jan Perkins, Shirley McKay, Cristall Harper, Kerry Soper, and Adam Winegar.

Photography: Timothy Thimmes

Park City Magazine “Art For Everyone” Summer/Fall 2009

“Connecting people with art. That is the mantra of Park City’s Gallery MAR…”

Park Record “Gallery MAR Celebrates” – June 2009

“ Celebrate Independence Day along with the first anniversary of Gallery MAR, 580 Main Street, with owner Maren Bargreen at 6 p.m. Friday, July 3rd…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Art in 3-D, Giuseppe Palumbo” – July 2009

“Duet is a recent work in a series based on observation…”

Southwest Art Magazine “Art in 3-D, Fran Nicholson” – July 2009

“When people see “Ball” they often smile and say, ‘I know a dog like that!’…

Salt Lake Tribune “Visual Arts Notes: Life on MAR” – May 2009

“One year anniversaries aren’t the stuff of legacies, to be sure. They are, however, signs of life and staying power all the same…”