May 20th, 2009

Creative flair and environmental ingenuity come together in the work of Joe Norman, Utah-based sculpture and furniture maker. His work is always unique and always refreshing. He recently shared with us his most recent completion.

The latest piece began its life as a collection of pallets and bomb fins. Norman has a talented eye– he sees artwork in the mundane and rejected “garbage” otherwise relegated to the dumpster. For this table, the only items that weren’t re-purposed were the paint and the bolts that hold the legs to the seat. Everything else was fully recycled!

Norman writes to the gallery, “I’m really enjoying combining found objects and modern aesthetics with a green sensibility — eventually I’d like to have all parts of the furniture recycled, including paints.” We look forward to seeing how Norman’s work will progress and what new ideas he will explore as he creates his beautiful eco-friendly pieces.

In addition, Norman is interetsed in commissison work. Have an idea or a piece of “scrap” that you would like to utilize in a new way? We’ll put you in touch and Norman can create the perfect piece for you and your eco-friendly lifestyle.