April 16th, 2009

Kirk Tatom, “Sunrise, Avon,” 16″ x 20″, 2009

Kirk Tatom:

Currently living in the UK (but feeling rather homesick!), Tatom recently went over to the North coast of France for the Easter holiday. He drove all over Brittany and Normandy in the cool, damp weather. “[I]could have used more warmth and sunshine… but the gray cloudy light was good for photos of the wonderful farms.” We look forward to seeing more of Tatom’s new work, from this trip, in the gallery soon.

Shawna Moore, Encaustic artist

Shawna Moore:

Moore writes to us that “this year is just slipping through my fingers!” The artist and her family spent the winter in southern Baja, Mexico camping on the beach, home schooling, doodling, tanning, windsurfing, and eating tacos. The current economic situation has turned out to be a fantastic time for her to recharge and energize her art.  Exciting happenings for Moore are her inclusion in the Montana Triennial Exhibition www.missoulaartmuseum.org and a new art grant in Montana: “The Innovative Artist’s Award.” She will also show/teach in Jackson, Wyoming the weekend of July 24-25, and will open a show in Santa Fe in late August. If that schedule wasn’t busy enough, Moore plans on teaching several workshops and another show in the fall.

Good luck to both of these artists with their busy schedules and upcoming events!