February 16th, 2009

Ryan Brown, “Sunlit Path,” Oil

Gallery MAR artist Ryan Brown (of Utah) has recently opened a new art training school, modeled after the prestigious Florance Academy of Art in Italy. The Center for Academic Study and Naturalist Painting (CAS) is an answer to the growing need that a number of students find when seeking traditional academic art instruction. This Academy teaches the same classical techniques and methods of drawing and painting taught at the best ateliers and academies in the world. And it’s the only academic training center, based on the 19th century artisanal art school, west of the Mississippi. The CAS is now presenting an open figure drawing class and an anatomy class and they are currently looking for students and artists who wish to participate with the center.

This is Brown’s vision: “The ultimate goal of the CAS is to provide artists with an education that allows them to pursue and produce an art that serves the public, elevates society and reestablishes the standards of art as a visual language that can be understood and felt beyond any boundaries. It is our belief that craft precedes artistry, knowledge precedes inspiration, observation precedes invention and a process-based art always yields a higher standard of work.”

In an extremely regimented environment, CAS students are able to learn how to observe nature with a high degree of accuracy. Students quickly develop discipline in drawing by expecting more from their work with raised awareness and standards. For questions concerning the Center for Academic Study and Naturalist Painting please contact its director, Ryan S. Brown at ryan@ryansbrownart.com.