January 5th, 2009

We just heard news that celebrated Gallery MAR artist Kirk Tatom has moved to England for a spell. This is a very exciting turn of events and we can’t wait to see what work he will produce, inspired by the new scenery and landscape of the UK.

Kirk writes, “I moved from Santa Fe and Cambria to the West Coast of England, back at the end of September. I set up studio as soon as I could and it took a month to settle on a flat in Portishead. I knew the countryside would be a never ending source of new imagery, and each day holds an idea of something new I want to paint.

As the seasons have changed, this has held true. Now, with the leaves on the trees and bushes fallen, the grass is still green, which is very unlike California. It snowed a half inch a couple of days ago… and the green peeking out made for some unique visions.

I am living in a four story building on the third floor, overlooking a lock at the head of a large marina. I can see Cardiff, Wales from here (across the channel) and I’m told there is some great mountain biking over there.”

How fantastic for Kirk Tatom and his artistic pursuits! We look forward to seeing the new work that this area, and new experinces, will produce.