December 5th, 2008

Scott Anderson, “The Grinch, the Pony, and Frosty,” Oil, 2008

Local Utah Blogger R. Brandon Long wrote up a piece on his recent visit to the Park City galleries. His blog “Utah Living large” can be vewied here. In an email to the gallery, he writes, “Included in the paper is my completely unbiased and honest opinion of my brief encounter with your Gallery.” Below, a complimentary excerpt:

“Warmed up and satisfied with my first Park City Gallery, I moseyed across the street and headed North or downhill again passing a plethora of closed galleries. If it wasn’t for the construction workers and sparsely parked cars I would think this resort town was a ghost town. A squished mall entitled “the Galleria” was promising as the doors were open and inviting. Upon immediately entering the narrow plaza a short staircase to my right led to Gallery MAR. A quaint well positioned gallery on the second level of this antiquated building, Gallery MAR used their space well.

I was instantly greeted as I stepped through the open door. Two young, distinctive, and attractive ladies behind a short desk looked up from the shared computer with cheerful smiles and said, “Hello.” Now that is how one should enter a gallery. Maren Bargreen, the gallery’s owner, promptly stood up and introduced herself. Coy but confident, I again explained my quest as a student on a mission to visit galleries. This impressed and led to questioning and inquisitiveness from both ladies, either that or they are really good at their job. Maren then handed me a “Park City Gallery Guide,” good to have, containing a map and short briefs of the main galleries in town. She also informed me of the official “gallery stroll” ensuing every Friday night with additional information to be found online at

After our cordial introductions, I began to browse the modest display of art housed within. With white walls and an over sized front window, lighting wasn’t a problem and the space felt warm although the paintings were less stimulating than as hoped. The pieces appeared skilled and singular but didn’t cater to my tastes, maybe a bit feminine? I did find a couple encaustic pieces that drew my attention. They were mounted on thick wooden elongated blocks and the design was modern.

Before leaving I spotted a winter scene painting complete with the Grinch, this fun little piece was more to my tastes. Although the work housed within this gallery was maybe not something I would be immediately attracted to, I believe this would be the first gallery I would visit upon returning to Park City because of the kind, informative, and unpretentious treatment.”

How was your own experience at Gallery MAR? Write to us and share your own collecting stories, favorite artists, and artistic pursuits!